Tress Settaz Brazilian straight can be purchased as a bundle, closure or frontal. Our Hair is 100% Virgin and the patterns are steamed into the hair which makes styling very easy. When taken care of properly with or without the help of a qualified stylist, our hair lasts for reuse therefore is ideal for the Tress Setta that loves to change up her look often. Our hair is very low maintenance with durable textures.




Brazilian Straight

  • Hair Care Tips:
    1. Use a paddle brush instead of a comb to comb through the hair from the end of the hair to the scalp 
    2. Hair extensions should be washed and conditioned weekly or at least by weekly
    3.Comb through the conditioner. Then let air dry.
    4.Instead of using a towel to remove excess water use an old cotton t-shirt to prevent frizz,
    5. Avoid using heat excessively to prevent heat damage 
    6.If you need to straighten your hair you may use a lightweight serum on it but make sure to use a heat protectant on your hair
    7.At night, sleep with a satin bonnet or a silk pillowcase to maintain the hair
    8.Products do matter! Use a conditioner and shampoo that does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates. We noticed that Tresemme, VO5, and Pantene products make the hair feel harsh. We personally use Mized Chicks or OGX Organiz products.
    9.If your hair has been straightened and you would like to leave the hair in its natural states, please wash and contrintion to reset it.